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Momodou Sabally: Barrow wants state-sponsored prostitution, gay marriage

Former civil service boss and UDP top hack, Momodou Sabally, has revealed Adama Barrow regime wants to institute state-sponsored prostitution and gay marriage.

His comments followed an announcement by National Aids Secretariat of a corona virus relief package which includes support for sex workers, amid trenchant condemnation from the clergy in the majority Muslim country.

Momodou Sabally has accused Barrow government of encouraging prostitution in The Gambia

Addressing UDP faithful on the raging issue, Momodou Sabally charged:

“This is a plan by the corrupt Barrow regime to institute state-sponsored prostitution and gay marriage in our country. This is part of their agreement with EU to get money and Barrow will do anything to fill his pocket with money.

Contrary to what they say, the body giving the money NAS is part of the government and supported by the government. I have been in government and I know this. I have evidence and documents in my possession to show their complicity in this. Barrow is here to destroy our country and people of this country should take a stand against that form of evil”.

Sabally added that Yahya Jammeh, despite his shortcomings, didn’t give his cooperation to foreign powers for the spread of corruption on Gambian soil.

“Despite everything people say about him, Jammeh never took money to bring these evil practices into our midst. They don’t even try it. But people get treated the way they are perceived. They know Barrow is corrupt that’s why they are making him do this. And he is using the money to buy pick-up trucks for politics while our hospitals go without ambulances. Women are dying due to poor health facilities. Gambian women fought for Barrow, but he is paying them with ungratefulness. I urge Gambian women to avenge themselves by bringing the change they deserve ”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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