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Sabally disputes Barrow’s election win, reveals D7M scandal

Former Secretary General and head of civil service, Momodou Sabally, has denied the recent elections in Niamina West and Kerr Jarga represent a win for Adama Barrow given the immense financial war chest and human resources deployed to secure it.

Momodou Sabally, former Secretary General and UDP heavyweig

Addressing UDP supporters as he issued post-mortem analysis of the vote which his party lost, Momodou Sabally disclosed the president approved expenditure of D7M to secure the vote. His words:

“The president has said in an interview with Eye Africa, and this interview is on YouTube, he said Niamina West is not enough indication of his chances of a win in 2021. But now the same people are using Niamina West to say it’s an indication of Barrow’s support across the country which would help him win. These people are deceptive. If you look at the vote in Niamina West and Kerr Jarga it’s not Barrow who won. It’s a coalition.NRP joined Barrow there as a coalition with GPDP led by Henry Gomez and GAP party leader Musa Yali Bathily. The Vice President Dr. Isatou Touray who is an independent candidate also joined Barrow as well as Papa Njie who sold his party to Adama Barrow.

If you look at the situation it’s basically six political parties against one political entity. Barrow made an attempt to assert his political power there, but he couldn’t do it right. For two weeks at least six ministers descended on this place with a budget of D7M approved by president Adama Barrow according to my sources”.

He added:”If you do the math Barrrow spent D14,000 for each vote. Barrow is indeed in a rudderless ship. This is exorbitant even by American standards. At this level of spending they will need at least D3 billion to win in 2021. There is no hope for Barrrow to attain victory in 2021. UDP only has to focus on its base and nurture the support. The victory will be ours Inshallah”.


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