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‘Barrow is a betrayer’, Sabally torches gov’t as deportation saga festers

Former civil service boss and head of presidential affairs, Momodou Sabally, has torched president Barrrow for cooperating with EU in the deportation of Gambian immigrants.

President Barrow seen here with his German counterpart following his ascension to power

Addressing the issue, the UDP top hack who traces his provenances from the yellow stronghold of Badibu said:

“Adama Barrow is the head of all betrayers in The Gambia. He betrayed The Gambian people. He is now betraying our youths in Europe. He has plotted to send back our youths from Europe who struggled and sacrificed everything to get there.

Last week, 22 Gambian youths were deported back to The Gambia and Adama Barrrow and his government is behind it. His two Ebrimas, the government spokesman and minister have been telling conflicting stories. But Ebrima Sankareh admitted in an interview with German media that the deportation was arranged by president Adama Barrow. He said if this deportation is not done Gambia will suffer hard economic times. He said the price of a loaf of bread will increase from D7- D20. I studied economics and I know this is not true. We don’t get bread from Germany every morning to eat. As an economist, I am privy to the empirical data showing the financial contributions of our citizens abroad. It’s the duty of all Gambians to vote out the Barrow regime because he is a betrayer who will do anything for his personal gain with devastating consequences on all of us.This is not about UDP. This is about the future of The Gambia”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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