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WOG helps American woman reconnect with a long-lost Gambian father

By Alhassan Darboe:

Gambian online news website WhatsOnGambia has helped a Gambian American woman Roshonda Camara find her long lost father, Foday Camara. The young woman whose Gambian Father disappeared soon after her birth contacted the news site which wasted no time in posting her story in a quest to help with tracing her deported father after a twenty year absence.

It took just few hours before her deported father resurfaced in Togo. A whatsonGambia insider told Gunjur Online “we are able to locate the father and confirm that it is really him. We are able to confirm it is him for real because he was able to still remember his daughter’s address and social security number”.

The whatsongambia insider however added that the girl is still not mentally ready to talk to her long-lost father and will need a few days to prepare herself to have a conversation with her biological father after losing contact with him soon after birth. “I think she is not quite mentally ready to have a conversation with her father (Mr. Camara) till this Sunday. She needs time to mentally process everything and get herself ready to talk to her father for the first ever time in her life”.

Whatsongambia is Gambia’s biggest and most read platform. Despite their notoriety, they have been very instrumental in raising funds through their platform to build houses, sponsor a dozen students in school as well as helping disaster victims.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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