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‘We don’t wish to engage in self-congratulation’, Almammy Taal on Mayor’s appointment

UDP spokesman Almammy Taal has declared all is well in his party, despite talk of impending strife involving strained relations between the UPD leadership and Banjul Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe.

UDP Spokesperson, Almamy Fanding Taal

Interlocutors nestled deep in the opposition party told GunjurOnline the mayor of the capital, whose political star has been on the ascendancy, is not playing footsie with the veteran opposition leader and veteran loser of multiple contests due to disagreements over party matters.The source who spoke only after exacting an oath of secrecy from GunjurOnline said Rohey Malick Lowe feels Ousainou Darboe favors appointing Oley Dibba Wadda as vice president instead of her and that the two had a serious altercation.

Responding to this report, Almammy Taal said:

“This is not true.The information you have is not accurate. First, Mr. Darboe has to be elected flag bearer first and president before he appoints a VP. Remember in the Gambia we elect only the President who appoints a VP thereafter”.

Asked to clarify reports UDP failed to publicly congratulate the female Banjul mayor despite her appointment as president of the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum (ACCSF), Almammy’s response was telling and drips with suspenseful intrigue despite his best efforts:

Rohey Malick Lowe was not publicly congratulated by the UDP on her election as President of ACCSF

“Yes, as I have said the Party has congratulated her. However, as a party we do not wish to engage in self-congratulation after all this is not the first time she has made our nation proud. What may be of interest to UDP is why has the other parties and the Ministry of Local Government not publicly congratulated her. That could be an interesting line of inquiry. UDP KANKILLING”.

What remains obvious is that both the ruling government and the main opposition party UDP on whose ticket Rohey Malick Lowe contested and won the Banjul Mayoral seat failed to congratulate her publicly for her election as President of the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum. That is quite telling.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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