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Confirmed: Momodou Sabally leaves UDP for ruling NPP

In politics, they say there is no permanent friend or foe as Momodou Sabally, Campaign Manager for Gambia's biggest opposition Party, UDP switches to ruling NPP.

According to reliable sources, Momodou Sabally has decided to leave UDP for ruling NPP

Momodou Sabally has on Wednesday 20th December officially resigned as Campaign Manager of the United Democratic Party "UDP" and by extension left the party in a letter sent to the party.

In the resignation letter, Sabally worte:

"I write to formally inform you of my decision to resign as national Campaign Manager of the United Democratic Party.

It is a difficult decision to take, but it is my opinion that this is in the best interest of both the party and myself in view of current circumstances.

Accordingly, I have also decided to cease to be a member of the UDP. I wish to take this opportunity to express my profound thanks and appreciation to the leadership and members of this great party for all the love and support that they have shown me during the period I spent as a member of this great party.

In view of these circumstances, I will also surrender to you today the party pickup vehicle that has been assigned to me for the past years. Kindly extend my special thanks and appreciation to the Party Leader and Secretary General for many reasons that I cannot state in one letter.

Thank you for your usual cooperation and support. May Allah Bless the great UDP.”

Earlier in the week, this medium has received the hint of a major political news breaking today concerning Momodou Sabally in a move that would be a monumental blow to a party that stood by him when he came under fierce criticism after he joined the UDP party shortly after the defeat of former President Yahya Jammeh in 2016.

Sabally was confirmed to have had discussions with the NPP hierarchy about joining the ruling party based on certain issues surrounding the former SG and Head of Civil Service under President Jammeh being resolved. Gunjuronline understands that the ban on Sabally from holding public office for a decade is one of these issues which the Barrow government is willing to address, among other things.

Former British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson famously said that "A week is a long time in politics". The leaked news of "Baba la commando" ditching the UDP will be a blow, but the country's biggest opposition party will move on from this setback, for it is a major setback to lose one of the biggest and vocal critics of President Adama Barrow and his government's policies and corruption record.

When asked about the reason (s) behind Sabally's decision to ditch UDP for ruling NPP, a source very closed to him disclosed that the move is because of "infighting (within the UDP) and juicy offers from Barrow" coupled with the fact that "with Darboe as flag bearer, UDP is headed for another loss" in 2026.

Will Momodou Sabally proceed with the official announcement of joining the ruling NPP as planned today? Or will the big announcement be shifted to another day following the leak ahead of the official announcement? Your guess is as good as ours. What remains clear is that road to 2026 will be bumpy and a lot of variables remain for the biggest opposition party in Gambian politics.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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