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UK based Gunjurians donate Blood Pressure Machines to Gunjur Youths for Health

Gunjur Youths for Health, a locally based community organisation has  received Blood Pressure Machines (Sphygmomanometer) from Mr Sulay Cham and Baboucarr Manjang.

The items, worth thousands of dalasis were presented to the beneficiaries over the weekend at the Gunjur Project by Ahmed Manjang on behalf of the donors. 

Ahmed Manjang (R) presents the items to Jo Austin-Preece

Receiving the donations on behalf of the organisation, Mrs Jo Austin-Preece who is the main sponsor of the group, thanked the two Gunjur philanthropist for their timely donation. Two other prominent members of Gunjur Youth for Health; Mr Mamadi Badjie and Bunama Jatta also expressed similar sentiment and called on Gunjurians and Gambians generally both at home and in the diaspora to support the organisation so that they can continue to offer free blood pressure and sugar testing to the community and surrounding villages.

For the past four years, Gunjur Youths for Health had been offering free blood pressure and sugar testing and referral services in Kombo South to help locals know their statues before it is too late. An early diagnosis of any disease opens up the door for future care and treatment. It helps people plan ahead while they are still able to make important decisions on their care and support needs and on financial and legal matters. 

The main support base for the organisation is Gunjur Project Lodge and prominent Gunjurians like Ahmed Manjang. With decimated tourism seasons, Gunjur Youths for Health is using this opportunity to call on Gambians for more support. It is our aim to extend this important gesture to other parts of the country but that will not be possible without more support.

If you would like to assist Gunjur Youths for Health either in cash or kind or whatever way, you can contact GunjurOnline through our website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. You can also email us directly at the following address: and we will put you in touch with the organisation.


Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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