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UDP issues statement on the insults of party leader by MP Jawara

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

The United Democratic Party (UDP) National Youth Secretary General, Kemo Bojang has released a statement following insults hurled at the party leader and Secretary General, Hon. Ousainou Darboe by the MP for Talingding, Hon. Fatoumata Jawara. At the president‘s meet the people’s tour meeting at the Buffer Zone on Saturday, Hon. Jawara launched an attack on the UDP leader in retaliation to insults and abuse she claimed were directed to her and her parents by the supporters of UDP.

Below, we reproduce verbatim, the statement by Kemo Bojang:

Public Notice !!!

In light of the recent vulgar utterances by the sitting National Assembly Member of Tallinding Fatoumata Jawara and other public servants in their capacity as presidential advisers on national platform, one sponsored by tax payer funds, and in the company of the President and his cabinet, we would like to urge the general membership of UDP, especially the youths to get behind the passionate plea for restraint made by His Excellency ANM Darboe, Secretary General and party leader of the United Democratic Party.

His timely and urgent intervention has offered solace to his supporters and affirmed their faith in him as a leader worthy of the title, if only we, as a country can say so much about our national leadership.

It is disheartening that the President of the republic, a man in a unifying role in such volatile period in our nation's transition from tyranny, not only encourages such nasty rhetoric but also finds it amusing.

We are disappointed and concerned, but we take solace in the strength of our party leadership and in their track record of service to the nation.

We pride ourselves in the fact that never, in this party's history had anyone who'd been entrusted with natioanl or party leadership used their privileged position to haul vulagrities towards political opponents. The party leader has reaffirmed his desire for all to adhere to that spirit and focus on issues that concern the poor and struggling masses, we are with him on that and encourage everyone to show heed his plea while we condemn in the strongest possible terms this persistent negative and vulgar political rhetoric coming from the president and his team.

We hope the Inspector General of police and all other security chiefs are aware of these grave utterances of people who hold positions of authority and that these words are more dangerous to the security of our nation than any other threat that might be allegedly looming.

Kemo Bojang

National Youth Secretary General

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