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Sisters Show talks African parenting, relationships

9 September | By Sainey Darboe

It might be the newest show in town, but the The Sisters Show has set tongues wagging as they take on burning issues affecting continental Africans and the diaspora.

In the episode of The Sisters Show on African Parenting, Amy started off with commentary on the immense influence African parents have on the relationships their kids choose.

Her words: “Let’s be honest. Let’s keep it 100. I went through the same thing. I was in a very serious guys know exactly what am talking about. I was in love but at the same time my mom, and Jai backing her up sometimes was like, ‘no you can’t get married’. At that point I was like ‘if my parents don’t want me to get in this then am out’.”

In the course of a self-deprecating joke, Amy continued:

“I was in my twenties then, right, and then now every single time my mum sees me it’s like why are you not married. I’m like wait, hold on you are confusing me at this point right now because when I was young I can’t get married, I can’t go out, I can’t talk to any boys and now I’m in my thirties you want me get married. I’m like nobody wants me. When they wanted me you said no”.

But her sisters Olay, Mamaran, Juka

and Jay Ceesay weren’t going to let this fly laying down as they put up a robust defense.

The oldest of Ceesay sisters, Jay, quarterbacked defense efforts enunciating:

“Back home growing up I was the first child. My parents were very strict. But for some reason I had more trust from my parents because I guess I was not the child that likes to go out a lot. I was very focused on education. And with my mum as long as you are really interested in school then she was not as strict”.

Their strict mum, she observed, wanted to give them things she couldn’t have and wanted to have.

Juka chimed in with her own view saying “parents want to live through you vicariously”.

Oulay and Mamaran piled on as well noting the strict parenting “comes from a good place”, while crediting it for their success.

Mammaran added: “ I think it always comes from a good place.I think what they really wanted from us is to be really good people and good role models in society and not just being in every relationship out there and that’s the main point they try to nurture us to be those kind of people”.

But in the end Amy deferred to her older and wiser sisters,revealing:

“I agree with you guys because honest to god, this second,if you,I’m gonna be honest, I have seen thesame exact person again and in my head I was like ‘what the hell was I thinking’.Because I was not mature enough to get into that part”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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