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Senior Gambia gov’t official accused of rape

By Sainey Darboe:

Melville Roberts, a senior civil servant in The Gambia government has been accused of rape by no less than nine women.

The allegations surfaced in the wake of rape allegations levelled against former president Jammeh, with encouragement of other Gambian women to come out with their stories of rape.

Chaat Joyce revealed she had placed trust in Melville Roberts, but he wound up subjecting her to rape accompanied by taunts.

She revealed:

“Imagine trusting someone highly regarded in the society(Sic), someone whom is to defend and make sure crime doers are put behind bars, a so-called barrister raping an innocent young lady, without any mercy saying "you can scream all you want but no one will hear you not even god will help you".

Breaking the cycle of being silent anymore.

We're are scared to speak our ordeal because of bullying and how the society judges us.. I believe Tufah and Isatou Joyce Sanyang here by accusing Melville Robertson Roberts for raping me... I was scared to speak out because I got no evidence...not anymore it is your time to pay”.

For Kadija Bokum, her personal experience with Melville Roberts is reason to lay credence on the stories of women coming out with allegations of rape against him. She recalled on her Facebook page:

“Any individual that bravely speaks out about Melville Roberts trying to rape or raped them - I believe you and I know he is a devil in a sheep’s clothing. When I was studying law, I met him and I thought he could be my mentor little did I know that he has other motives - sex.

He would do his utmost best to lure you, sleep with you and dump you. I know girls that are victims. He tried enormously to get beneath my pants but only the lord saved me from his devilish intention. Roberts is a monster. A demon. A dog who has lost control of his willy. If you don’t consent to sex and someone forces you to do something sexual, this is sexual assault, abuse, and/or rape. Melvin is nothing but a liar and a rapist”.

Melville Roberts who, according to unconfirmed reports works as a senior official at the ministry of Foreign Affairs, has responded to the allegations which will be published soon for the benefit of our readers.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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