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Seedy Ali Janneh deplores expulsion of Gambian diplomats

Sweden-based Imam, Seedy Ali Janneh, has described as ‘shameful’ the conduct of Gambian diplomats who have been expelled by the United States.

Gottenburg-based Imam Seedy Ali Janneh

The three are Mustapha Sosseh, deputy head of Mission, Alagie Babou Joof, Finance attaché and Pa Sako Darboe, first secretary at the Gambian Embassy in the U.S. According to sources, on Friday, the U.S. State Department officials gave them till 17 July 2023 to leave the U.S.

While addressing issues affecting his native Gambia which he is visiting at this time, he said:

“It’s important to select people with the knowledge, education and training for their role. You don’t put a person in a position because you know them or they are from your party. If there is process foul in selecting competent people for roles, it’s only going to bring shame to the country.

Mustapha Sosseh, deputy head of Mission is one of the Embassy staff espelled by the US

The expulsion of Gambian diplomats for poor behavior is a major embarrassment for the country. It’s not supposed to happen. If you go to a country, you should respect their customs and culture. It’s only a guest country out common sense that gets into conflict with the host. This would not have happened if the right people were selected for the job”.


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