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The Gunjur United Duo to Watch: Moses and Ablie, Golden Boot Contenders

By Emil Gibba | Gunjur | 7 May 2024

Moses Jatta and Ablie Robert Jassey, brothers, are two sensational forward players for the coastal Dabanani boys, their journey to the top tier of Gambian football started in the streets and on backyard football fields in Gunjur where one watching could predict a great future ahead for this duo. What they have in common is pace, versatility, decisiveness, clinical in the box, the dream of going professional with a big heart for the game.

Mosses Jatta and Abdoulie Robert Jassey of Gunjur United FC

Moses is a one time golden boot winner in Gunjur Newettan, he sits 7th on the list of the golden boot award contenders in the Gambia Second Division League 2024 with 7 goals and having 11 more games to catch up with the leading scorer who is at 14 goals, while Ablie is away with 3 goals 11 assists but strongly believes that he can propel himself to top the list as he has 11 games to go. Another golden boot contender in camp Gunjur United is Musa Joof who is currently at 7 goals.

Moses Jatta has scored 7 goals for Gunjur United FC in the GFF Division 2 League for 2023/4 campaign

Moses Jatta, who is well known as Messi while growing up because he is always small on the pitch but dribbles like Messi would do, from the streets and backyard fields in Gunjur, went on to play as a junior player in Gunjur with Oxford FC, later he relocated to Sukuta where he was promoted to senior football with Atlast FC under Peter Porker as his head coach who, according to Moses, is very instrumental in developing his football to what it is today. Being a natural dribbler, Moses didn’t notice that he has speed but it took a Peter Porker as his coach to make him realise that he could be a Mbappe too. Moses later came back to play for his native team Pasamai FC and after a successful Newettan campaign with Pasamai where he finished as leading goal scorer with 6 goals, Moses got promoted to the Gunjur District Team then finally to Gunjur United; the Gunjur second division team with the bigger dream of going professional.

Moses Jatta receives the match ball following his hat-trick against Jarra West

Moses Jatta started his 2024 campaign for the golden boot poorly due to an injury which cost him 6 games but after recovering and getting match analysis from Musa Ndong, the trainer of Gunjur United, Moses launched his great campaign for the golden boots scoring in back to back games.

Abdoulie Robert Jassey on the other hand, from street football played for Sanchaba as a junior and intermediate player in Gunjur, then later to Pasamai FC as a senior player before earning his spot on the Gunjur divisional team. He did not dream of being deeply involved with the game but Nfabu (Bakary Touray) drew his attention to going professional and he grabbed the idea and since then had been working hard towards the dream of going professional.

Abdoulie Robert Jassey in action for Gunjur United FC, he has scored 3 goals for the Coastal Boys in this campaign

Gunjur United sits 8th position in the second division table with 11 games before the end of the 2024 season. The top two teams in the table automatically qualifies to 1st Division while third, fourth and fifth place on the table go to playoff. This is the second time Gunjur United is coming this close to qualifying to 1st Division League. Will they break the spell this time around?

Well according to Moses Jatta, the team is ready to make history, “I can tell u with full confidence that every player is ready to see that we qualify, I want to be one of the key reasons my team is on the next level, do what others were not able to do. it's going to be the biggest history in Gunjur’s football and I will want to be on top of the list when they call on the names of the people that contributed to that success”.

Moses Jatta is determined to see Gunjur United FC promoted to First Division

Ablie Robert Jassey also hold similar aspirations “I strongly believe with the performance of the team for now we will surely make it to the 1st division by the grace of God. Well I’m working very hard day by day to see Gunjur United being promote”.

Gunjur United takes on Dutch Lions FC at Brikama Box Bar tomorrow. Winning their next two or three games could propel them into the top five of the league, if other results go their way.

Gunjur Utd FC currently sit 7th in the GFF Second Division with 33 points from 23 games


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