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Scandal: Plunder of Covid-19 funds exposed, as nurses go without pay

Scandal: Plunder of Covid-19 funds exposed, as nurses go without pay

They risk their lives on the frontlines of the fight against a deadly pandemic, but not all Gambian nurses have been compensated despite the allocation of millions of dalasi, Gunjuronline has gathered from reliable sources.

A source aware of the plight of nurses disclosed to Gunjuronline:

“I have heard some disturbing news today. Newly qualified nurses from (redacted) are working in covid treatment centres in a pandemic and they are not getting their salary yet. Words fail me. They are risking their own lives yet don’t get paid yet? How can this happen?”.

The source added one of the nurses told him he had worked for 5 months before getting his salary, indicating the not unfamiliar story of harrowing experiences of health care professionals who have had to deal with systemic inefficiencies and corruption.

Added the source who spoke to Gunjuronline for fear of retribution:

“One works at a treatment centre and one at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital. They started at the beginning of August.

They say they have 0% chance of getting their money this month and don’t think they will get it next month. I have been worried about the newly qualified and on the frontline - and reality is as the youngest they will get the difficult jobs - the same the world over - they should at least have money in their pocket to pay for their needs. The money coming into The Gambia to fight covid should at the very least be used to pay the nurses”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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