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Sal Taal: “Never again will ANY PRESIDENT be allowed to usurp the sovereignty of the Gambians.“

Salieu Taal, founder of #GambiaHasDecided and current President of The Gambia Bar Association has expressed dismay over the video clip in which Gambian President Adama Barrow was heard saying he will ban all political activities post December 4th Presidential elections.

Posting on Facebook, Mr Tall reminded President Barrow that “Gambia has decided against tyranny and that no president will ever be allowed to usurp the sovereignty of Gambians.

Below, we reproduce verbatim, Salieu Taal’s reaction to President Barrow‘s remarks about banning all political activities after 4th Fecember.


Whats on my mind ? I saw a video clip of @PresidentBarrow last night addressing the serer community at State House. I could not believe my ears and eyes when i heard him say that he will effectively ban political rallies/gatherings after the Dec 4th 2021 elections and more disturbingly, he will instruct the IGP not to issue any permits for meetings. His reasoning was that politics has to be suspended after Dec 4th so that he continues his development agenda.

Has the President forgotten that he came to power thanks to politics ? Does the President understand that he does not have the power to suspend politics in any shape or form and neither can he “instruct “ the IGP to grant or deny a permit any applicant who wishes to assemble peacefully for politics or any other reasons. The authority and discretion to grant permit for public gatherings is vested in the IGP under the Public Order Act subject to the Constitution. The right of the citizens to exercise their fundamental rights to associate and assemble cannot be displaced by the considerations such as fleeting inconveniences to the public or Presidential directives. Neither the President nor the Police have the power to restrict the fundamental rights of the citizenry granted by the constitution as envisaged in the President’s speech.

This is a dangerous path and an affront to our fledging democracy. We now live in a democracy and expect our leaders to not only practice democracy but to speak the language of democracy. We expect our leaders to imbibe a democratic culture and be the champions of democracy. Vibrant multiparty politics is an integral part of a democracy, in essence and substance. It is through politics that we peacefully changed our destiny after two two years of a dictatorship. Politics is not only about elections and a build up to it every five years. Politics ensures good governance and accountability.

When we voted for change, we voted for a humble unknown man against an arrogant, pompous tyrant. President Barrow, #GambiaHasDecided against tyranny .Never again will ANY PRESIDENT be allowed to usurp the sovereignty of the Gambians. While its political season, Your Excellency, we expect you to lead by example and with dignity. Only one person will be elected as President in Dec 2021 and it is the PEOPLE who will DECIDE.

Meanwhile, the respect for the rule of law and constitution must be upheld by all citizens including your humble self, our Citizen in Chief. Please refrain from making such unpresidential and democratic statements.

Jagana M.Coach-Pasamba Jow Fatima Arona Jawo Fatoumatta Rahman CokerFatu Camara Kawsu Fatoumatta Csay Sillah Banka Manneh Jeggan Grey-Johnson Absa Samba Nyang Njie Baboucarr Sufism Nyang Al-Tijani Sulayman Gaye Ali Baba Ace Cham Mustapha Njie Mustapha-Swandi K Darboe MamaLinguere Sarr Mai Ahmad Fatty Amie Bojang-Sissoho Isatou Touray Lamin K Saidy Sr.Bai-Mass Taal Maimuna Taal Dodou A B Ndow Muhammed MS's BahSanna Jawara Omar Champion Cham Raffie Diab Dawda A. JallowOmar Jawara Dr. Ismaila Ceesay Mmajiki Saidy-Barrow Njundu Drammeh Marr Nyang Alhagie S. Nyang

For The Gambia Our Homeland

Concerned Citizen

Salieu Taal


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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