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Revealed: UDP leader, Hon. Ousainou Darboe negotiated the financing of URR road project

United Democratic Party (UDP) has revealed that party leader and former Foreign Minister under President Adama Barrow’s Coalition government, Hon. Ousainou Darboe was the one who successfully negotiated the financing of the URR road construction project.

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, former Foreign Minister and UDP Party Leader

This was disclosed in series of twitter posts highlighting key “facts” about the major contribution of the UDP in the coalition government, before the unceremonious fall out and the disintegration of the coalition government following high profile sackings by President Barrow.

Among the achievements attributed to the UDP are the following according to the twitter handle of the UDP:

“1. Budget deficit was reduced from D16 billion to D12 billion

2. Reduced import duty on rice from 15% to 0%

3. Reduced personal income taxes from 30% to 25%

4. Increased tax free income threshold from D18000 to D24000

5. Increased transport allowances: civil servants from D500 to D1500, grade 9 and 10 D1200 to D2000

6. Increased fuel coupon for executives D8500 to D10500 7. Introduced vehicle policy to save D300 million per annum

8. Negotiated zero debt with People’s Republic of China

9. Played crucial role in securing the NDP pledged amount of $1.7billion from the EU and other donor partners.“

However, not many twitter followers of the UDP page are convinced. One user who calls him/herself as Wurroh0000 reacted to the claim declaring:

“ Unless you agree that was a coalition government and get some credit then all credit goes to @BarrowPresident . I was Blaming Barrow for the austerity on Gambians shall I now Blame Darboe. I applaud the increasing of the threshold but efforts should on growing not importing rice.

Gambian political commentator, Pa Ous Cham added: “ Though we had a coalition govt, otherwise why the rush for 3yrs“

The UDP twitter handle concluded by indicating that President Adama Barrow is bragging about the URR road project as some of his achievements, but the indisputable facts are that these were UDP influenced achievements while in government.

President Barrow on a fact finding visit to the Basse-Koina road construction project office

In April 2019, it could be recalled that President Barrow went on a fact finding visit to the Basse Headquarters of the Basse-Koina Road Construction project, where he emphasised it’s completion as a top priority for the government. 

During the briefing on the progress of work, the President said he attached great importance to the successful completion of the project, which was why he took time off his holiday schedule to see for himself. He promised to provide all the right support to ensure the timely completion of the work, according to State House of The Gambia.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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