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Red Star Family Company teams up with SUNU REEW and Wahktan Gambia to clean up EFSTH Sanatorium

Monday 21 September | GunjurOnline

Red Star Family Company, Founded by USA based Gunjurian Yankuba Darboe, a lawn mowing, tree cutting, flower, grass trimming and cleaning services provider in the sprawling coastal settlement of Gunjur has over the weekend teamed up with SUNU REEW in collaboration with Wahktan Gambia to clean up the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital Sanatorium which houses the most critical COVID-19 patients in the country. This Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital's wing, referred to as the Sanatorium and located at “Wencho” is the centre used to treat severe cases of Covid-19.

“Wencho” which has about 5 blocks housing Covid-19 patients was overgrown with very tall grass as a result of the current raining season. The facility is also in a swampy area which means part of the hospital water logged and infested with snakes as a result.

Believing that Covid-19 could be defeated if we all take personal responsibilities, SUNU REEW collaborated with other parties to come together as a nation to do something about the situation at “Wencho”. On Saturday 19th September, SUNU REEW, Red Star Family Company, "Wahktan Gambia" and others attended the premises of the hospital to give the Sanitorium a very good clean.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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