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Progress Through Unity as Gunjurians raise over D1 million in two months for community projects

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

"Gunjurians - The Stars of the Spectacle Are Ready to Develop Their Town"

No moment in Gunjur's history, not the grit of Phoday Ebrahim Kombo Sillah Touray, nor the grace of Sheikh Sheriff Hatab Bojang provoked a more emotional surge of collective pride than what Gunjur Development Forum “GDF” have achieved in mobilising Gunjurians across the globe to raise a staggering sum of D1,117,650.42 from beginning of February to March 28 2023.

Ariel view of Gunjur

GDF was created by Gunjurians to raise funds and awareness in order to address some of the debilitating challenges Gunjur is facing. Thus, the group embarked on many lifesaving projects  - stretching from scholarship for students and school toilets refurbishment, helping the locals hospital rehabilitation projects, contributing to providing funeral services and many more.

This time around, though, they shifted to another gear to unite Gunjurians from across the world to see the need to do things for themselves. And surely, Gunjurians have responded, and this appears to be just the beginning.


That we are all heroes/heroines - that spirit has been ignited in Gunjur once again by GDF, only this time spectacularly.

The stars of that spectacle are Gunjurians ready to develop their town.

In a gesture of heart-swelling unity, perhaps not felt before in Gunjur’s history, Gunjurians at home and across the globe contributed and raised an extraordinary sum of D1,117,650.42 in just a little over two months. This amount was raised through individual contributions of various amounts.

These extraordinary contributions are supposed to progress on a quarterly basis until the line up of myriad of projects identified are implemented. The next round of contributions begin in April for Quarter Two.

From revamping the local hospital; fortifying it with an ultrasound scanner, to road rehabilitations, a blood bank, and many such projects, Gunjurians are saying, ‘Yes We Can’.

Below is breakdown of contributions proffered by both diaspora and home based Gunjur Dabananians: 

USA         =  D435,582.50

GUNJUR  = D325,416

UK            = D321,270.42

SWEDEN   = D 31,507.00

TURKEY     = D3,874.50

TOTAL    = D1,117,650.42

Reacting to the the significance of this fund drive, the Cordinator of GDF UK Chapter, Malang Darbo offered these:

“…How else can we congratulate you for this remarkable show of solidarity with the people and community of ones birth?  We are grateful,  and may the Providence record the charity in our books of good deeds.

With conviction, commitment and in solidarity with this good course, within a span of three months, we have managed to raised a little over a million Dalasis. “

Thanking the UK based Gunjurians for stepping up when call of duty came, Mr Darbo continued: “…For now with the closure of the First Quarter, we think it appropriate to reach out and thank you for your selfless sacrifices for the service of our community. Evidently, in unity lies our strength. May the Good Lord strengthen us with the gel that binds us togetger.Once again we thank you all.“

The fact that we have stepped forward to provide a network of support for the development of Gunjur proves that unity and determination is alive and kicking in Gunjur.

In recent years, it has often seemed that the splits opened by different issues cast us into implacable factions. 

But these past months show that there remain things about which we can all agree. That, at heart we still have more in common than that which divides us.


Gunjur will take her prominence once again if we hold in mind that, at our best, we remain in it together and this time in earnest.

Gunjur will be transfixed by the poignant climax of this historic spectacle. 

Well done, Gunjur 


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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