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Prince Ibrahim Sanyang pledges a million Dalasis to fight the Coronavirus in The Gambia

Gambian businessman Prince Ibrahim Sanyang has pledged to donate one million Dalasis for the establishment of a Gambia Covid 19 Fund & Resource Mobilisation Unit to help with the prevention and spread of the deadly Coronavirus in the tiny improvised west African nation.

Announcing the news, Prince Ibrahim revealed:

”In the face of Covid 19 threatening our nation, livehood and mankind, I held consultations/received advices from my advisors and hereby pledge One Million, and advice for the establishment of Gambia Covid 19 Fund & Resource Mobilisation Unit, to spearhead and or complement our collective drive for effective support & mitigating measures.“

Further commenting on donation and steps being taken for the utilisation of the pledged amount, Sanyang continued:

“In vide of aforementioned, I prompted my team to work very closely with government for the set up of an all inclusive/independent task force committee (inclusive of multi stakeholders) overseeing the Covid 19 Fund/Resources mobilisation; to help and work closely with the government, partners and our people to establish a holistic and sustainable preventive and or mitigating measures in these trying times. As the Corona Virus (COVID 19) pandemic has registered it first case in Gambia, I want our people to be rest assured of my highest consideration and prayers for a speedy global solution and containment of Covid 19.”

Prince Sanyang concluded by urging all Gambians to put hands on deck as a united front in the fight against the Coronavirus. His words:

“They said, together we stand and divided we fall. Therefore, I am urging all Gambians to unite and join hands as one big family with Gambia Covid 19 team, to raise awareness and put substantial global resources mobilization for the benefit of our people and wellbeing of our nation. Indeed, in unison we can do greater good for our people.”

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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