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Prince Ebrahim Sanyang: My advise to Essa Faal, be humble

My advise to Essa Faal, be humble. His comments against Dr Zakir Naik are mischievous, misinformed, arrogant, unfounded and unsubstantiated.

The Dr Zakir Naik that I know, is neither a fundamentalist nor extremist, it’s wrong to label him as such. He is a professor in comparative religions; vast and respected by leading scholars of all major religions. Dr Zakir Naik has been a beacon of peace, unity and religious tolerance among humanity, often manifested on his usual platform sharing with diverse religious (Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews etc) leaders.

Unfortunately, Essa’s slander is a clear manifestation of his arrogance and limitations. Neither worldly employed position, nor so-called“intellect” should warrant disrespect, insults and slander against innocent man. Essa Faal, humble yourself. No one will divide Gambians, certainly not Essa.

Finally advise to our elders, Imam Ba Kawsu, Imam Fatty and rest of the imams, please please let us get back into “Bading Bun Kono” (Traditional Family House) and resolve all differences. This is what we found from our ancestors and sacred traditional heritage. Traditional conflict resolution yielded positive resolves among conflicting parties for 1000s of years; “Bading Bun Kono Deyamo” (Traditional conflict resolutions) still works today. Thus, Our elders should be very mindful not allow any system, to sow discord and disunity, disgrace or whatsoever; among our people of great heritage, tradition and history.

Brothers and sisters, let us not allow anyone to divide or sow “fitna” among ourselves, for worldly positions, gains and interest. May Allah almighty continue to bless our peaceful co-existence


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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