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Press Release from Gunjur Covid-19 Emergency Relief

Togetherness is a hugely important aspect of life. It unites us, gives us security, much-needed support and a sense of belonging, and encourages us to love and care for one another.

It's a cliche, but that's because it's true. In dark times, people find a way to come together, support their communities and - even in times of social distancing - lean on each other to get through challenges and that is what we have witnessed in Kombo Gunjur today, May 3, 2020 during the Presentation Ceremony of Food items Donated to 132 most vulnerable families within our Community.

This coronavirus pandemic is no exception. Folks in Gunjur and Diaspora have risen to the unprecedented occasion to help each other look on the bright side by Donating Essential Goods to the most vulnerable within our Communities.

The existence of these happy story doesn't negate or overshadow any of the sorrow and anxiety people in Gunjur Community and her surroundings are experiencing right now. But perhaps, after days or even weeks of sheltering in their homes and isolating themselves, one is seeking a small bit of relief. Or a glimmer of hope and that hope has turned into action through Gunjur Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund by Donating Essential Goods to the most vulnerable families within the Community. The historic occasion was witnessed by many including the Alikali, Council of Elders, Nysimba, Chief of Kombo South, Council of Gunjur Ward, Chairperson of Gunjur Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund, Member of Parliament and the Majority Leader, many high profile dignitaries and the entire Community at large. We are grateful, honored and thankful to our Donors, and those intended, but unable to, we are extending our sincere appreciation and gratitude to them all.

Special appreciation to our Ground Team, who worked relentlessly and tirelessly to coordinate such a brilliant and successful event. We cannot end the event without sending our warmest regards to the Media Houses, Gunjur News Online and the Foroyaa Newspaper reporters for covering the event.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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