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Press Release | Democracy Watch Gambia

Democracy Watch Gambia lodged formal complaint against the government of the republic of The Gambia on human rights breaches. Below we reproduce the press release sent to Gunjur Online.


Monday 3rd February 2020

Formal Human Rights Complaint Against The Government of The Gambia (GoTG)

Following the pronouncement by the GoTG through a Press Release dated 26th January 2020 announcing the restriction of and interference with fundamental human rights under section 25 of the Constitution (and Article 19 Universal Declaration of Human Rights) the DWG wrote to the GoTG to seek clarification as to the legal authority upon which they rely to restrict and interfere with such fundamental human rights. Unfortunately and, to our disappointment the GoTG failed to respond despite our best efforts and endeavour to constructively engage them on such fundamental issue.

In light of the above, we were left with no alternative but to take further steps with a view to compelling the GoTGto comply with the law and their legal obligations under international law with respect to the respect of fundamental human rights.

Accordingly, we hereby inform the general public that we have submitted a formal complaint to the National Human Rights Commission against the GoTG for human rights breaches. An appropriate summary of this formal complaint may be made available on our website, Twitter and Facebook page when appropriate.


Mr. Pa Musa Nyassi

For Democracy Watch Gambia


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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