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Politics: Lawyer Bubacarr FM Colley resigns from DLEAG

Lawyer Bubacarr FM Colley, an aspiring independent candidate for the April 9 National Assembly election for Kombo South has resigned from The Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG).

The resignation came at the back of Lawyer Colley‘s intent to contest and service as a National Assembly Member for Kombo South under an independent ticket.

Below, we reproduce verbatim Lawyer Colley’s announcement of his resignation from DLEAG:


RESIGNATION: On this ocassion, I write with great fulfilment and satisfaction. After a decade-long (10 years) career in the civil service, I hereby inform my friends, family and fellow countrymen that I have officially resigned from The Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) as a prosecutor and legal officer.

My resignation from public service was inspired by the desire to continue serving the public in a different but fundamental capacity. Pursuant to S90 of the constitution, I am barred from contesting in parliamentary election while I am a servant/member of a disciplined force like the DLEAG where I worked before my resignation. I was faced with two competing aspirations, which were:

1) the desire to continue serving my country through DLEAG and

2) the dream to serve my country through the National Assembly . The good thing is, both are services critical to public interest.

I wish to thank the entire management and staff of the DLEAG for the opportunity to serve my country. To my seniors who paranoidly felt threatened by my presence, hence in their unjustified desperation, they almost always attempted to frustrate me but woefully failed; I have forgiven you.

Special thanks to my colleagues at the legal unit of the Agency. Please keep up the high standards of professionlism known in that unit. Do not, under circumstance, allow yourselves to be used as tools or proxies in the service of an individual's interest, even if the person is in charge of the whole agency. Always remember that you DO NOT owe allegiance to an individual; not even the president, but to the Gambian people. That is why you serve in a public office. Wasalam !