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POLITICS: Barrow dismisses “3 Years Jotna” as he vows to stay put

Gambian President, H.E Adama Barrow has dismissed the demands of the “3 years Jotna” movement to honour the coalition MOU and step down from the presidency.

In an exclusive QTV’s “Kacha Dula” with Seedy Ceesay, Barrow states that the movement has the right to protest which is guaranteed in the constitution. However, the movement’s call for his resignation is foolhardy as the constitution of the country reigns supreme over any agreement that is in conflict with it.

Barrow indicated that the reform policies and building a level playing field for 2021 is in high gear and that he will be in office until 2021 when he will form his political party and contest for a second term due to popular demand during his country wide tour.

Asked about the troubles of the 2016 coalition and how major players in the coalition government are no longer part of his government, president Barrow revealed that when individuals put self and their party interest before country, he had no choice but to remove them so that his reform agenda is not derailed. Barrow contends that there can be only one president at a time and if people are consumed with the ambition to succeed him to a point of sabotaging his projects, then he had to act to protect the interest of the country.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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