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“Opposition coalition efforts during 22 years of Yaya Jammeh failed because of Darboe” -Kebba Jallow

As race for Number 1 Marina Parade hots up, former Mayor of KMC under the PPP government, Kebba Jallow revealed that previous coalition building projects among opposition parties in Gambia to unseat President Jammeh failed at the last hurdle of leadership selection, because the UDP leader insists on leading the coalition or his party cannot be a party to the coalition.

Kebba Jallow was speaking today at the President’s “Meet the people’s tour” meeting at the Buffer Zone. Mr Jallow highlights that he was able to return to the country after living in exile for 22 years because of the election of Adama Barrow which was possible because Ousainou Darboe was in prison!

Many people have disappeared, exiled and imprisoned under former President Jammeh. “ I was one of the first opposing Gambians to Yaya Jammeh‘s brutal regime in America. we organised ourselves together with Alkali Conteh, Ebrima Sankareh and others to raise funds and send it to Ousainou Darboe and his deputy party leader“

Mr Jallow assures president Barrow that the PPP supported and will continue to support his agenda as he (Barrow) restored democracy and rule of law in the country as no one disappears without trace under his leadership.

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