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Opinion: The Funny Side of Gambian Football

By Ousman B Kinteh

It is ironic that CRR being the biggest region in The Gambia with no divisional football club and Zonal team, while West Coast has just 4 out of 36 1st and 2nd Division teams (elite football) and yet are given more than 60 percent of slots in the famous Super Nawettan. It is open secret that West Coast has the biggest football communities in football at the moment.

Gunjur and BEM Zonal Teams in the 2019 Super Nawettan Competition

The Gambia Football Federation is busy damacating more Super Nawettan Zones in West Coast yet keeps a system that denied them more teams in the elite football (1st and 2nd Division). Banjul which is just a Zone in the Super Nawettan compared to West Coast with more than 10 zones has over 70 percent of the 1st and 2nd Division teams. Banjul that is almost a ghost city with almost all the 1st and 2nd Division teams is controlling the narrative because they decide who to be at the helm of affairs in managing the game.

Rural regions like CRR, URR, NBR are still without a divisional football league club, while all these regions are bigger in both size and population compare with the ghost city of Banjul who are busy controlling GFF Lamin Kaba Bajo lead administration with their agendas and good plans for Banjul football. This is why eventhough the GFF No.1 is a non Banjulian but he is remote controlled by the dictates of the Banjulians.

West Coast and KMC has 20 teams each playing a proper competitive 3rd Division league with the winners playing a triangular qualifiers with a team from Banjul every season. What is funny is the ghost city that barely play a proper 3rd Division league will always produce a winner to feed the 2nd Division. This is because Banjul always control the men in black to provide a safe passage for their teams to the 2nd Division. It is no surprise that Banjul is running out of vocabulary in naming their numerous teams. From Real de Banjul, Banjul United, Waa Banjul to Lions of Banjul. Giving the regions the opportunity to have 2nd Division teams temporal. This is because any team that refused to board the Banjul bandwagon will be dribbled out as it happened to Brufut and Lamin United. Editors note: Views expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Gunjur Online. Got an opinion article? send it to us at

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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