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Opinion: My take on “Three years jotna” For Gambia

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

By Kalifa Manneh:

My take on “Three years jotna” For Gambia

There is no doubt that in a free society one can say or do whatever one likes as long as you do not go against the laws of the country. We should also be cognizant of the fact that one is free as long as your freedom does not infringe on rights of other peoples. The issues of reading a letter to the President at the gate of State I consider as going too far.

In the advent of developments in media, the President can see and hear you from any corner of the world. All you need is invite media houses wherever you gather and relay your message. If you walk from Westfield to Statehouse in Banjul on foot what message do you want to relay? You will obstruct traffic even if the police escort you. What guarantee do you have that other people with other motives will not join you in disturbing the peace and tranquility of The Gambia?

The Gambia is bigger than all of us. We may have our political differences but one thing for sure we all love the Gambia. Remember if peace is disturbed it can have long term consequences. Factories cannot be established in countries with fragile peace. International and multinational companies want to be able to predict sustainable peace for them to invest long term in Africa. I have participated in many International Exhibitions and met many heads of Companies. One thing they keep saying they cannot open factories in Africa mainly because they are not sure of peace and stability. You can understand some of them. No one will want to see your factory vandalized after a lot of money is spent. Neither will you want to bring many foreigners to Africa when we cannot guarantee peaceful stay for them to live or take their children to our schools. Without factories youth employment cannot be improved. Without Tourism our economies will be weak. Tourism is very dependent on peace and tranquility. Holiday lovers want peace and security for them to visit our countries. The competition is stiff. Africans should realize that there are many other regions of the world which can compete against African countries as a Tourism destination. Think of our children going to schools. How many school days can be lost due to uncertainty or insecurity? Gambia can be a centre for Education Tourism by attracting potential students from the sub region and beyond if we maintain our peace. No International student will want to be stranded in a foreign country or waste more money on rent due to delays in exams or postponements. You would rather go to a developed country where peace is 100% guaranteed.

Can we not solve our differences without violating rules, or breaking down law and order or spreading fear? Form democratic parties, hold rallies, call for peaceful demonstration in exercise of your rights. Do not block roads, do not loot, and do not vandalize the little infrastructure you have. Think of the wider public, think of the future of the Gambia.

One Gambia, One Nation, One People.

Long Live The Gambia.

Kalifa Manneh

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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