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OPINION: Mori Jammeh Refutes Majority Leader's Claims, Calls It Mere Propaganda

Mori Kebba Jammeh

Mr. Mori Jammeh, an environmental activist has refuted the claims of the Gambia's Majority Leader in the National Assembly and member for Kombo South Honourable Kebba K. Barrow alias KKB calling it mere propaganda devoid of reality! "The National Assembly member for Kombo South KKB had an interview with Gainako Online Radio about Golden Lead Company and essentially what he said there was absolute propaganda devoid of reality!” Mr. Jammeh stated on his Facebook wall recently. It could be recalled that Honourable Barrow gave an exclusive interview to Gainako Online Radio on a wide range of issues amongst them the Gunjur - Golden Lead Environmental debacle. However, the interview has led to a serious debate and condemnation in certain quotas especially on the social media. Many strong supporters of the Southern Kombo parliamentarian expressed their frustrations and dismay of him on his stand towards what many described as "serious environmental pollution and degradation ". "This interview came on the heels of the GRTS event in Gunjur where he demonstrated a behaviour that none of us will admire in our leaders. He personally attacked a reporter's family for writing an article about him," Mr. Jammeh queried. You can see the said article here >> "His mission, (KKB) was to defend his lack of action about this matter and in doing so, every reasonable person cannot but conclude it as a personal attack on the author through a family member instead of refuting the article through the platform of which it was delivered! " he added. According to Mori Kebba Jammeh, during the previous government, rule of law was jettisoned from our public conversation and that government has a total disregard for what anyone thought but now we expect something better and that should include our NAMS listening more to their constituents. The Gunjur born Birmingham Alabama resident continued, "Our fight here is not a fight against the government because how can we fight a government that we have all laboured so hard to realize?" This allegations he said branding them as enemies of the coalition government is being disingenuously used by all their detractors to create confusion and sow doubt about what they are trying to do. Jammeh stress that they have never refer to Golden Lead Company as a fishing company and if other individual people refer to them as such that does not negate the fact of what they are doing to our environment directly or indirectly. For him, it is a fact that cannot be buried. " Are you (KKB) telling me that it is OK to let other fishermen who bring their fish to Golden Lead company dump and litter our beach front with dead fish that will all rot after a few days if those fishermen can't sell it? " he quizzed. "Remember that this has not been happening in Gunjur prior to their existence so on that note they have to be accountable and should put up a mechanism to identify who throws fish when they are unable to sell it but none of that has been done and those who have no idea about the implications of these actions do not want any action taken", Mori stated. The NAM he said has posed a question as to whether any scientific studies or analysis have been done? Mori was however quick to add “Well what about the pipe that was sending waste back into the sea? He argued that the people complaining of the bad smell and skin diseases which were tested and ascertain cannot just all turned to lies in broad daylight. "Perhaps if the NAM was more proactive and receptive to our efforts he would have a better understanding of our arguments emanating from some of those tests we have conducted including some of the visible results we are seeing in our marine life and on people who have reported skin damage after they swim at the beach?” "We are a diverse group of people from Gunjur who have observed that our beach front is being destroyed while those who are living in Gunjur feel helpless. You can call us “environmentalists “with condescending tones but the bottom line is we are not going to sit by and allow others to come and destroy our environment without anyone raising a voice. We all own Gunjur and if we see something happening there we will raise our voices whether on the ground or in the Diaspora, "Jammeh


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