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Opinion: A Reflection on Kombo South in light of the upcoming Election | Gunjur Online

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

As election looms, this is a great opportunity for Gambians to reflect on the past half decade. The developments and it's underlying shortfalls and the unending social problems to this day. A rare moment to scrutinize the policies and activities of the political players and the promises they have made. This is not a moment for praise singing politicians at our own peril, but to shed light on the key situations we are currently faced with as a country. We often times heap so much praise on incumbents to the extend of blinding them on our ordeal. They come and go, we remain with our social insecurities.

As for Kombo South, an area won by the coalition government in the past presidential election with very high margins. We welcomed the new dawn with great rejoice, rousing fanfare and most importantly expectations of better conditions. In a short while those expectations were dashed as we had to grapple with the sudden Chinese invasion of our coastline. Basic sea products like bonga fish became rare commodities as Chinese pigs benefit at the expense of the poor Gambian. Environmental scandals and encroachment of the the Chinese onto community lands became recurrent. With Government failures, community environmentalists had to act to combat the menace and protect their environment which resulted in unending court trials in favour of the oppression. Our coast became so vulnerable to illegalities, unprotected fishing and banditry. Economic conditions of our fishing folks gradually dwindled.

Land grabbing, communal and Inter Communal land disputes became the order of the day. Land conflicts started to ensue here and there resulting in fatalities. Communities became so prone to incidents with the government providing no remedy to ending the skirmishes. We have witnessed government failures to address the seizure of women gardens for sand mining and it's environmental impacts. All this critical issues in suspense to this day. The authorities in one way or the other complicit in some of these dubious activities abetted against its people. Kombo south had a turbulent five years of political, economic and social upheaval under the new dispensation. The never ending exploitation of communities in Kombo south for it's land, mineral and marine resources with little social benefit maybe far from over but unless we raise these critical issues at this crucial moment, we won't make much headway.

The Government has failed us woefully in so many aspects and this is the time to highlight our concerns on their political platforms whenever they come canvassing for votes. If our votes matter, so as our voice. we have to speak up for a better Kombo south and a better Gambia we yearn for and there is no better time than today.

For The Gambia our homeland.


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