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OPINION: A Call for us to compromise and move forward in peace

My dear brethren, we established the TRRC to look into the past human rights violation under the Yahya Jammeh administration. We must trust that the actions that the TRRC takes are steps toward peace and sustainable development of our dear country. It is painful that lives have been lost and families have been greatly affected due to past atrocities. There cannot be any kind of compensation that would be enough to ease the pains of our loses, however, we have the opportunity to give peace and unity a chance for the sake of ourselves and future generations.

Former military junta members Edward Singhateh (Left) and Sanna Sabally (Right) buried the hatchet and embraced each other at the TRRC

This is why I see the unification of Sanna Sabally and Edward Singateh as a great success by the TRRC. Countries like Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa are enjoying various successes today because they have been able to let go of past atrocities committed against some citizens. Instead of ligating, they were able to compromise for peace because litigation is extremely expensive as compared to amicable resolution of personal differences. I personally share in the sorrows that our country has undergone in some years back. However, there is no time like now to converge on similar interests in the spirit of unison in pursuance of those things that will bring us joy and prosperity rather than those things that will bring disunity and discontent amongst us as a people.

I call on you my fellow Gambians, to let go of all the pains that we have harboured due to the evil that were meted out on us in past times so that we can live in peace. Let us look further to the opportunities that can transform our dear country.

Give peace a chance!! Let's forge a better future for ourselves, families and country in oneness!!!


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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