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Opinion: A Call For The Immediate Resignation Of Adelaide Sosseh Gaye, Deputy Chair Of TRRC

Written by Ansumana B. Bojang:

Following the unprintable words used by the Deputy Chair of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, Adelaide Sosseh Gaye, to describe the people of Foni, I call on her immediate resignation from the Commission.

The TRRC is a recognized commission in the Gambia, that works in the interest of the people of The Gambia. The commission among others is expected to ensure that the citizens of The Gambia continue to enjoy peace and co-exist happily for sustainable development. For this reason, the leadership of the TRRC must be seen to acting in ways that will promote peaceful co-existence among the various regions and ethnic groups in the country. The leadership have a moral obligation to act in ways that do not create divisions and/or instigate ethnic groups against the other.

Against this background, it comes to me a big surprise that no less a person than the Deputy Chair of TRRC, will trip to Manchester with tax payers’ money and utter denigrating words about the people of Foni. I am unable to fathom what will warrant such comments from a public citizen who heads a very reputable institution as the TRRC.

I therefore demand her unqualified apology and her resignation as Deputy Chair of the TRRC. I also call on all well-meaning citizens of The Gambia to condemn her comments as it does represent our common identity and the values we live by.


A Proud Jola from Foni

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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