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One Pac: I will never repeat this mistake again, Jesus loves me

One PAC, Bakau-based musician at the center of controversy over an image of himself in the likeness of Jesus on the cross, has issued an apology.

Speaking on Kerr Fatou, One Pac issued a plea for understanding and forgiveness from anyone whose sensitivities might have been negatively affected by what he did.

“I will never repeat this mistake again in my life.You think I will think of doing something like this again? I realized my mistake and ask for forgiveness. Jesus is my prophet too whether I like it or not. Jesus loves me and he is praying for me for what I did. I seek forgiveness. I want to be a better person than what I was doing that’s why I started music. All I used to do was drinking and stealing. I’m a changed person”.

One Pac also touched on the withdrawal of Q-cell from any concert involving him, saying:

“I understand they are a business entity and have an image to protect. I totally understand. I made a mistake and they don’t want to lose customers”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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