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Nyang Njie lambasts Barrow’s ‘low-value, under achieving’ advisers

Economist and political commentator, Nyang Njie, has ventured Barrow is not on the receiving end of stellar advice because he has ‘underrated and under-achieving advisers’.

Economist and political commentator Nyang Njie

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Fatu Network, he declared:

“I’m an economist and I believe in value. If you have a five Dalasi adviser you get a five Dalasi advice. If you have a one million Dalasi adviser you get a one million advise. Well am sorry the president has underrated and under-achieving advisers. No offense, it’s not personal but we need to call a spade a spade.The so-called people I see touted as presidential advisers I don’t think they can take this country forward by giving the president good,sound advice”.

Nyang Njie nurtures the conviction Barrow bears the greatest responsibility to make informed decisions in the national interest, despite the perceived death of quality in the ranks of his advisers.

“The buck stops with him and it’s his responsibility. Mind you, The Gambia didn’t vote for an adviser,The Gambia didn’t vote for a Vice President,The Gambia didn’t vote for a minister or a PS(permanent secretary). If everything goes well with those people kudos and claps for the president. If it fails equally of goes to him and him alone.That’s why I said we have a collective responsibility and individual accountability and the president must be accountable for things that fall under his purview and remit”.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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