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Mama Linguere Sarr backs Tambadou, as Manjang gets the sack

By Sainey Darboe:

In the aftermath of the dramatic sacking of Social Security Managing Director, Muhammed Manjang, his new replacement Tambadou has received backing from human resource manager Mama Linguere Sarr.

Muhammed Manjang had been engaged in a protracted feud with staff of the parastatal he headed as he made significant gains in profitability and cutting waste. But despite the much heralded accomplishments, he has been redeployed to Senegalo-Gambia secretariat in a move seen by observers as a power play on the political chess board by Barrow to annihilate perceived UDP partisans.

In response to frenzied social media chatter, Mama Linguere who was a renowned figure in the fight to remove Jammeh clarified:

“Sometimes they say that responding de-means you! But sometimes being silent also gives the enemies of progress carte blanche to further their malicious narratives to do you harm. This will be my last post on this but I will state my opinion. All of you screaming on social media are missing the point, if government was looking to dip their hands into any funds then Tambadou would not be their guy. I don't know him from Adam, but a guy who fought corruption at Ports to warrant Yaya Jammeh sending him to prison and a principled person who apparently put order back at GPPA would not be anyone's push over, this is what people that know him say about him. If government's true intentions is corruption then by all indications, Tambadou will not last so just watch and see.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for Manjang because he is truly a man that is principled, professional and ethical and I thank him not just for his services but for the lessons learned about leadership while working with him. Like he told me in his office, "even our lives will come to an end one day thus nothing in this world is permanent".

In a direct rebuttal of doubts raised about her competence for the job,she declared:

“One thing people that work with me will tell you is that I know my stuff when it comes to my profession, I work hard and am fearless when it comes to doing the right thing. Contrary to your beliefs and your false narratives, my job does not define me and will never stop me from speaking truth to power or compromising my principles and anything I want to say for or against government will be said by me here or on any platform and not using anyone or fake profile.

Since I got this job I have seen and heard all manners of hate, some of it done by people claiming to be my friends using others to peddle lies because they can't undermine me to my face. I said this before and I will say it again, our lack of progress is not leadership but us the people. Our leaders are lied to by us, misled by us and emboldened by us. Some of you are the people allergic to truth, to decency, to principles and hardwork and you are the ones that applaud greed, corruption and lies while pretending to be "good people" or telling the truth. God help this country and it's culture of taking sides! Nothing will change unless we believe in our selves enough to stop the lies, until we put aside our bias and fight for "team Gambia".For the record, I have always been on team Gambia and that's the side I will fight for. Don't involve me in your fabrications or pettiness”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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