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Lawyer Darboe should never have met UDP lion Jadama - Fatou Camara

Gambian socialite and CEO of Fatu Network has poured scorn on the idea of UDP big man Lawyer Ousainou Darboe meeting with UDP lion Jadama in Manchester, UK.

Writing on her Facebook she said: “The “Insulter” in Chief all cozy with Hon. Darboe?? No way, the devil is a liar. How come nobody informed Hon. Darboe that this guy insults people’s parents omg . This does not look good at all. With him, you have to baby him, make him relevant or you become his enemy. First he said I’m his mum, then he sent his wife to me for some job opportunities. Once all of that failed, he went berserk on me in the name of “Fatu hates UDP” a false allegation which makes many of them relevant on social media. The guy has been insulting many others, too.”

Fatou Camara concluded with a sarcastic advice to UDP “Honestly, you all should do a better job next time. Yes, Hon. Darboe is a Politician and should be open to everyone, but Politicians should also watch who they associate with.”

However UDP stalwarts online can’t be proud enough of their number one advocate on Facebook.Kemo Bojang an influential UDP youth secretary paid tribute to lion UDP lion Jadama thusly: “ Udp Lion Jadama the star man of the Congress .... happy you met your Godfather, it’s been a long time coming. And congratulations to the new executive, can’t wait to start work with all of you.” Pata PJ eded it all too well: “Sizzla Lion Jadama, the KING! Goodnight from his end to you haters.”

UDP lion Jadama responding to Fatu Camara on his page said: “When I have all this UDP great leaders loves me so much , then who cares who hates me,? with Yanks Dabo Ebrima Dibba and the humble Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh Yabis Manks am grateful. meet you all.”

UDP lion Jadama is one of the most controversial UDP advocates on Facebook. Many rather placate him by befriending than taking on him because a war with him is one you will never win.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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