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Kemeseng Jammeh recalled from Turkey, as Barrow consolidates power

Updated: May 28, 2019

By Sainey Darboe:

Gambian ambassador to Turkey, Kemeseng Jammeh, has been recalled back home after the government declined to renew his contract.

Breaking news of his recall, Kemeseng Jammeh’s US-based son Bubacarr Sidiq Jammeh said:

“It is with profound gratitude and pride that I announce to you all that my father the Gambian Ambassador to Turkey Hon. Kemeseng Jammeh has been formally recalled back to The Gambia, thereby ending his tenure as our country’s Ambassador after two years.

He’s grateful for the opportunity to serve his country at the turn of the new dispensation with the hope of revitalizing our relationship with Turkey on all aspects of our developmental aspirations. To this he strove to achieve from day one of resuming office and Alhamdullilah, by the grace of Allah he was able to achieve quite a remarkable feat within a year and 5months of being in Turkey”.

The move to recall Hon. Kemeseng Jammeh is viewed as a significant chess move by Barrow to fill strategic positions with his loyalists, as he ambles for extension of his term in office beyond three years and possibly another ten years.

Kemeseng Jammeh is a long term member of the United Democratic Party which is locked in internecine political battle with Barrow camp for State House.

Kemessing Jammeh has been recalled as Gambian Ambassador to Turkey


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