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Jammeh will never be President in The Gambia again - President Barrow

Gambian President Adama Barrow told a rally in Foni Sibanor during his “Meet The People Tour” that former president Yahya Jammeh will never rule The Gambia again.

However, President Barrow did not rule out the possibility of ex-President Jammeh returning to the country to live as a private citizen.

His words: 

“It's over for him.... May be, he can return as private citizen one day. Gambia is moving ahead. I hope you move on too." 

The Kanilai born former President Jammeh was defeated by President Barrow in December 2016 presidential elections. Barrow led a coalition of opposition parties and an independent candidate as flag bearer. Ex-President Jammeh now lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea. He fled the country following a month long political impasse which nearly brought the country into violence.

As part of the activities of his constitutional mandated nationwide tour for a meeting in Sibanor, President Barrow stopped at the construction site of a new, modern technical and vocational training centre in Somita, Foni Berefet. He was accompanied by the Minister of Education, Hon. Claudiana Cole. The party was led on a conducted tour of the project by the lead contractor.

The project, which is supported by the BADEA-OFID project, will decentralise access to technical and vocational training facilities around the country. When completed, the training facility will be equipped with modern office blocks, a multipurpose hall, a computer and science labs, toilet blocks, high-security perimeter fencing, and a water supply infrastructure. The project is part of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education’s programmes of promoting and formalising Technical and Vocational Training Education (TVET)  among youths. Two similar TVET centres are being constructed in Gunjur and Sanyang in Kombo South respectively.

President Barrow also visited a cassava factory in Duwasou, a community run garden making up to D1.7million income a year in Kampant at the start of the second leg of the tour on Monday. The two-hectare horticultural garden mainly produces baby corns, also known as cornlets, among other horticultural crops.

“The corn variety is highly commercial yielding a revenue of up to D1.77 million for the 444 members of the garden society. The variety is harvestable up eight times in a season.“

The scheme, which was established in 2014, is being supported through funding from the GICAF project and the World Bank. They also partner with the Radville Farms to add value to the corns.


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