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"Enormous Consistency deficit in our politics".

Every great ideas, must be grounded and stemmed on the very ideals and concept in which it was conceived.

Coalition 2016 may have been borne out of the need to be, rather than the convenience.

When we were in a state of despair, consumed in the dark clouds of uncertainty and fear, the idea of the impossible was hatched. It was the impossible because, this very idea requires bringing all the opposition parties on one side against the incumbent at the time. A feat which eludes us for 20 good years, is finally here and thus the birth of COALITION 2016. A group of 7 political parties and an independent presidential candidate.

With all its imperfections, COALITION 2016 was with clarity as to the intent, purpose, agenda, objectives and programs that they brought forward. It goes not to say that; enormous amounts of efforts and time were put in by these conscientious and dynamic senior citizens, with one main prayer and that is to salvage our country from the clutches of dictatorship and tyranny to give Gambia a new start.

The coming together was indeed not a jolly ride, it was daunting, with obvious challenges and obstacles to square up to. It requires consensus building, of which the rules of engagement is DIALOGUE. In such dialogues, one needs to be very much measured in charting a way out for the desired outcome to be achieved, in other not to leave out anyone as everyone else is needed to be onboard.

Its the kind of dialogue that every player came to the table with something, but consensus requires we gaveup somethings we holding on to, in other to hold on to a certain commonalities.

In effect, the talks yield and thus the birth of COALITION 2016 and therein the conditions, its terms and agreement in the form of a Memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Fast forward, COALITION 2016 goes to campaign, lay their case, promises and their agreements as a coalition. This ideals and concept in which the coalition was formed and based, droves electorates in their thousands to cheer and support them. December 2nd came and the polls were swept by this gallantry forces of our land and our hopes were renewed and rekindled once again.

The joy, euphoria and celebrations in the hearts of men and women of our land was monumental and shall be indelible in the space of history.

Sooner than we completed our victory laps, forces within the players and actors in the coalition 2016, conspires amongst themselves for the usurpation of our glory. Their acts therefore only aims at redrawing the contours of our political differences and reopens our divisions, something that the COALITION 2016 works very hard to hibernate.

The creation of the so-called TACTICAL ALLIANCE has effectively set our infant coalition 2016 into the path of disintegration and eminent death. The move was partisanship over national interest, it was deceptive as well as divisive, it was a venture into political expediency. A posture that only sought to put them and their political entities on a vantage position to subvert our gains as a coalition. By doing so, they intend to micro-manage the President off the hooks of the coalition agreements.

The MOU was thereby desecrated and ridiculed in the public space, as not binding, illegal, not signed and immaterial to our course.

They convinced the President that the said MOU is unconstitutional and therefore not binding and thus the "TERI KAAFOO" began.

In the few moons that follows; They wined and dined together, enjoyed luxury voyages together to the Saudis, Americas, China, Europe and other African states. This was the sad reality of the supposed movers and shakers of our politics. COALITION 2016 was failed by those that are supposed to play BIG BROTHER role but chose to craft their own solo path.

President Obama once said in his address to African leaders, and i quote; " When leaders tries to change the rules in the middle of the game just to stay in office, it risks instability, disunity and strive. This is often just the first step down the perilous path".

The assault on the coalition MOU was the beginning of the abandonment of the coalition campaign promises. The MOU details about how the coalition shall be governed, the checks and balances with control mechanisms in place.

The MOU wasn't all about the president stepping down after 3 years, there are a whole lot more to it than the 3 years. The attempt to rewrite the rules was in effect departing from the very Ideals and core values which draws us together.

Perhaps, our unity was a threat to their exploitative form of sensational politics, devoid of issues that are of relevance to the everyday ordinary people. This only emboldened the continuity of that same old colonial legacy of divide and rule.

This very act of commission by the leaders of UDP, NRP and GMC qualifies my caption that; "IF ITS NOT BROKEN, DON'T FIX IT".

Honesty is to stay with the truth even if it means the inconvenience. It is very dishonorable of any man to renege the agreements you have with others. The truth of the matter was that the MOU was not the problem, our problem was the lack of political WILL from the coalition partners to implement their coalition agreements.

Every policy documents, or agreements of such, only require the creation of the legal framework on which it could be legitimized. This was the spirit in which the draftees of the MOU banks on, little did they knew that our political banks were having a huge CONSISTENCY DEFICIT.

In conclusion, CONSISTENCY is a virtue. Any political leader who wants to remain relevant, must be measured in your utterances, astute but accurate in judgements. Leaders must know that by virtue of their positions as political leaders, they are by default creating replicas of themselves either voluntarily or involuntarily. Their followers looks up to them for inspirations and guidance which will spur them into being who they wanted to be.

Therefore, it is not what we do once in life that defines us but rather what we do consistently.

Consistency is one that is cultured on principles and honesty, any leader who fails to demonstrate such attributes, will certainly be incapacitated of being in any moral position to lead conscientious men and women.

For those singing battle songs and beating the war drums, better be prepared well to endure the fire and fury that lays ahead. For the forces that ousted tyranny is never to be underestimated.

Hope is our greatest tool for recovery and as people we hung on to the consoles of hope and the comfort of time to nurture our democracy and with time, we shall get there Gambia.

Victoria acerta!!

Buba Mbaye Bojang

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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