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Gunjur Ward councillor Gibba among Gambians allegedly set up by SIS

Tuesday 04 August | Alkali Cham

State Intelligence Service (SIS) formally known as the NIA, notorious for gross human rights violations in The Gambia have been accused of nefarious activities where key Gambian personalities are being targeted with a view to framing them for criminal conduct by planting drugs on them.

According to Kembujeh Ward councillor Alieu K. Darboe, the following Gambians were put on surveillance by the SIS with efforts to plant drugs on them that will undoubtedly put a stain on their character and or political careers. The list which includes outspoken journalist Fatou Jaw Manneh, Political Science Professor, Dr Ismaila Ceesay among others came as a surprise to many as these kinds of operations by state intelligence operatives was supposed to be a thing of the past.

1. Madi Jobarteh 

2. Pa Modou Bojang 

3. Nyang Njie 

4. Abdou Njie 3years JOTNA 

5. Dr Ismaila Ceesay 

6. Momodou Sabally 

7. Fatou Camara Fatu Network 

8.Salieu Taal Bar Association President

9. Lawyer Sheriff Tambedou

10. Lawyer Rachel Mendy

11. Lamin Cham of Standard newspaper 

12. Sheriff Bojang - Managing Director Standard Newspaper 

13.Haruna Drammeh of Paradise TV

14. Tida Kijera Female leader GMC

15. Fatou Jaw Manneh 

16. Momodou Charreh Gibba Councillor Gunjur ward 

17. Hon Madi Ceesay MP Serrekunda West 

18. MC Cham Junior GDC

19. Saikouba Ceesay GDC 

20. Hon Borry Colley APRC

Consequently, councillor Darboe calls for the immediate resignation of the Director General of the SIS.

His words:

“Following social media reports on surveillance and possible set up by the SIS agents on some concern Gambians, I totally condemn the act and call on the DG of SIS to resign with immediate effect or clarify the issue as it is yet another sign of dictatorship and a move to silence those critical to the government.

We have voted out Jammeh because he was a dictator, so if anyone thinks he or she can silence any concern citizen he or she is just baffling because that era has passed and we say no to it and Never Again slogan should be respected. I condemn it in totality and those assigned to do such a dirty thing should not be allowed as we have seen security operatives at TRRC how they were reduced to nothing.“


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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