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Gunjur Police Escapee Momodou Mballow Arrested

Sunday 27 September | By Yero S. Bah

Momodou Mballow, the alledged thief who escaped from Gunjur Police custody has been arrested in his native Village by the Brikama-Ba Police, according to Officer Commanding Gunjur Police.

Last month, Momodou Mballow, alias ‘Ancha’ was wrestled to the ground by one Mustapha Ceesay with the help of his brother and neighbours when he and an accomplice who escaped, broke into their house and stole a laptop and mobile phone. He was subsequently taken to Gunjur Police where he eventually escaped from custody.

Gunjur Police has confirmed the arrest of notorious criminal Momodou Mballow

In a GunjurOnline exclusive interview with the Officer Commanding Gunjur Police, Momodou Mallow nicknamed ‘Ancha’was rearrested by the Brikama-Ba Police Station on September 16, 2020 as a result of a well coordinated police search across the country. The Officer Commanding explained that, it was on September 18, 2020 that his men went to Brikama-Ba to pick up the culprit for prosecution in Brikama, West Coast Region where he was arraigned on September 21, 2020.

The Gunjur Police Station head added that, the alleged notorious culprit Mballow or ‘Ancha’ has been slapped with an additional charge of “escaping from lawful custody.“ as well as previous charges of ‘breaking and entering’. We did everything possible to apprehend him for this case to be off our heads.” OC added.

Meanwhile, the Police Officer who was penalised for the escape of the detainee has returned to work after the arrest of Momodou Mballow in his native village of Brikama-Ba in Central River Region. However, the Officer Commanding revealed that, the stolen laptop and mobile phone are not yet recovered since the alleged accomplice to Mballow is still at large with the said items.

Mustapha Ceesay is yet to recover his laptop and phone

The escape of the notorious alleged criminal from the Gunjur Police Station was met with fierce community criticisms against Gunjur police as they were accused of negligence. The victim of the laptop and mobile phone theft, Mustapha Ceesay has also confirmed the apprehension of the accused and the subsequent prosecution in Brikama but without his stolen laptop and cellphone.

The OC noted that, the whole case was too embarrassing for him and his officers since the culprit was a ‘community arrest’ who later escaped from their custody.

It could be recalled that, earlier in August 2020, Gunjur Online reported a break and enter burglary incident in Gunjur where a Dell laptop and Sony Ericson phone were stolen from one Mustapha Ceesay an achitecture student of the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI).


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