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Gunjur Development Fund: Gunjur-North America surges ahead as race for Q4 supremacy intensifies

In Quarter Two of 2023, Gunjurians at home and across the globe raised an unprecedented D1.3 million through individual contributions for development efforts in the sprawling coastal town of 15,000 inhabitants.

In that contest, Gunjurians in North America took top spot with a whopping D518,175 as their quarter two contribution, followed by D451,690 from the home front and D309,920 from the United Kingdom Gunjurians, D36,850 from Finland and D5,450 from Sweden, respectively.

Quarter Four (Q4) kicked off last month and Gunjur-North America is the first to show hands with an announcement of D340,830 so far collected. UK-Gunjurians, European Union-Gunjurians and those on the ground are yet to show their hands as race to take quarter four top spot intensifies. Once again, MM Scattred Janneh parted with $1000, Ousman Barrow $500, Lamin O. Bojang $300, Bura Jatta $300, Pah Bajo $200 and Lamin Jammeh $200 to headline the Noth American surge.

Reacting to the bombshell from North America Gunjurians, Malang Darbo who is one of the coordinators of the GDF fund drive in the UK said:

“What a thermonuclear blast! Oh, dear this one is heavy woo, and literally caught everyone off guard including my Field Commanders. But guess what? For now, we are doing damage assessments to take account of the full scale of the destruction to inform our retaliatory actions. We live in times of testing strength; when might is right, and adjudicating bodies are complicit in the commission of crimes and abuse. Even with our AK 47s and our locally made barrel bombs we are going to punch back! And it will be hard!

In defiant spirit, Malang continued:

“You've already given us the optimism that by December we could break all previous records since the start of this purposive and beneficial contribution for Dabanani. Commander Faburama and all your field Commanders (Bura, MM Scattred J. and all) , the recesses of a tidal wave do not suggest the absence of under current. Be prepared for a Tsunami from the UK that is going to wash away your flagpole.”

December 31st, 2023 marks the end of the GDF quarterly contributions for 2023. Will the North America-Gunjur keep top spot once again? Or will the UK-Gunjur tip the scale this time around? Or will it be European Union-Gunjur as surprised package? Or are we in for a home front victory? Could we see a record breaking of the D1.3 million raised in quarter two? The race is on!!


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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