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Gunjur children in danger at beach mosque, as child dies

Children as young as five are being exposed to risk of sexual harassment and physical harm at the beach mosque in Gunjur.

A US-based Gunjurian who spoke to Gunjuronline after visiting the place disclosed:

“Children are being exposed to the elements with lax security and poor sanitation. I understand a toilet has been built into the mosque and a pipe installed. The pipe gets clogged with facades and the children climb and push the solid waste to flow.

This a health and safety hazard. Matter of fact, the mosque is supposed to be a holy and clean place. But the place is filthy. You have all kinds of crazy people milling around that place. Anything can happen to those kids”.

Gunjur beach mosque is currently being used as a Qura'n memorization center for kids as young as five

It would be recalled that one of the kids staying at the mosque fell from a height and died which was reported by Gunjuronline last year. Earlier today, the death of a second child has been reported from a knee complication later found to be cancerous. There is no evidence the cancer was linked to conditions at the beach mosque where living conditions are of grave concerns.

The children, according to him, are being sheltered at the mosque to memorise Qura’n with lax supervision and security is compromised.

“The place is not clean at all. It’s nasty and gives off a bad smell. It’s in a state of disrepair. Parents are being brainwashed that putting their kids in this place prone to abuse and neglect will grant them admission into paradise if they die.

It’s absolutely ruthless exploitation of kids and our cultural heritage.

Islam doesn’t condone child abuse and neglect. The mosque constitutes a national heritage and shouldn’t be allowed to fall into such a state of decay and mismanagement”, he added.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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