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Gunjur beach road construction work begins today

The much anticipated construction of the strategic Gunjur beach road finally kicks off on Monday 16th October 2023.

As with anything in Gunjur, be it small, big, joyous moments or a tragedy starts with prayers, and as you can imagine importance of such a massive project, prayer was at the center. The entire Quran was recited and the occasion was graced by the Imam Ratib of Gunjur; Sheikh Muhammad Lamin Touray, the Alkali and Imam of Sand Mosque; Dembo Darboe, Tijani Bojang; the VDC chairman, Fa Saikou Ba Barrow; chairman of council of elders, Mr. Ousman Kuring Touray the CEO of Green Vision, the contracting company and cross section of the community, mainly NPP supporters.

Green Vision International company of Ousman Touray begins construction of Gunjur beach road

To the local NPP supporters, construction of this road gives them the bragging rights over their arch rivals; the UDP supporters who thought the laying of the foundation stone was a mare political gimmick president Barrow put out to entice voters during the local government elections.

After the prayers, there were speeches from prominent people in the community.

The chief of Kombo South, Mr. Fa Lalo Touray made a very passionate speech, he lauded president’s government for considering this very important project and similar ones in Gunjur and across Kombo South. Fa Lalo admonished the community for the political animosity that is tearing apart our closely related community. He reminded the community that we should always see Gunjur first, then ourselves and finally our political parties. He reminded the community about the damage partisan politics did to our community cohesion, compared to little benefits politics brings us. "I am the chief employed by the government, I will die one day or I could be removed, but Gunjur will remain." Fa Lalo retorted. He calls on the community to come together for the common good. "I cannot force anybody to follow me to the NPP, we live in a democratic country, follow whichever party you want to follow but when it comes to development like this, we should all support it wholeheartedly"; Chief Fa Lalo Touray told the gathering.

Cross-section of the community at the project site to offer prayers for the successful completion of the Gunjur beach road project

For his part, Tijani Bojang, expressed his delight about the prospect of building the beach road. "This road is an eyesore and that fact is not lost to the youth of this community. Few years ago youths of Gunjur in the diaspora and on the ground proposed to build this particular road but when the bill of quantity was prepared and presented, it was discovered, the project was well beyond their capacity. We continued to pray and Ahamdulilah, today our prayers were answered and we are very happy and grateful to President Barrow and his government."

Mr. Fa Bai Darboe; a member of the Council of Elders who resides very close to the dirt beach road expressed his relief that this very important road will be finally constructed. “We are effectively feeding on dust, there is no escaping of the dust even in our living rooms. The dust is so bad even our fruit trees are not fruiting anymore due to the heavy dust that is destroying the flowers”; Mr. Bai Darboe lamented. Further speaking on the impact of the new road, Mr. Darboe continued: “The constant dust pollution also might be responsible for the expulsion of respiratory tract illness among residents along this road, we are grateful and looking forward the day when this relentless dust pollution will be a thing of the past.”

Gunjur beach road during the dry season

The CEO of Green Vision company; Mr. Ousman Kuring Touray apologised to the community in advance for the inconvenience this road construction will cause to the wider community, he promised they will employ every means to reduce any negative impact the construction of the road will cause to the community. Mr. Touray promised the community that his company will construct a quality road that will pass the test of time and seek their prayers. He also expressed his gratitude to government for giving them the magnificent opportunity.

It is fair to say the mood within Gunjur is upbeat, generally people are happy about this development. On the political front, it looks like president Barrow is trying to build his gains in Kombo South by earmarking strategic infrastructural development projects the likes of which won him support in the provinces.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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