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Gunjur beach road: Light at the end of the tunnel?

Construction works on the Gunjur beach road to start within a month.

Current state of Gunjur beach road

The new beach road will be built with concrete instead of tarmac due to environmental features for durability and quality.

According to information from a credible source at the Works and Construction Ministery, construction works on the road linking mainland Gunjur to the beach will begin eminently. Similarly, the sand road that stretches from the coastal road via the Gunjur primary school through the market and unto the Gunjur-Brikama highway will also see construction works start soon. In the same vein, the road from the beach road to the sacred mosque at the beach will also be constructed according to the Works and Communications Ministry.

Our source told us construction gear should arrive in two to four weeks to begin the construction of this all important road network as soon as the bidding process completes within a couple of weeks.

The road from Gunjur Primary school to the Gunjur market is also expected to be constructed soon

In January 2021, Ebrima Sillah who was then Minister of Information and Communication announced that Gunjur beach road and other important roads in Kombo South are to be built commencing that year as part of his government’s development agenda for the region. 

Minister Sillah said at the President’s “Meet the people’s tour” in Sanyang in January 2021:

“The construction of Gunjur beach road and the road going into the town will be commenced this year 2021. President Barrow is here for development and not here to talk. He will also build other roads in Sanyang going to the beach, Kassa Kunda, Brufut and Jambur.”

We are cautiously optimistic that the government will finally keep their promise in rebuilding this very important road and not just use it for political gimmick. 

Due to the importance of the Gunjur beach road and the challenges faced by the people living around the area during both the dry and rainy season, Gunjurians mobilised funds to help rehabilitate the road only to find out that such undertaking will require substantial amount of money which is way beyond the funds raised.

All eyes are now on the government to make good their promise of building this important road.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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