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Gitteh: Coalition failed because Darboe asked Barrow to break agreement

The coalition of political parties set up to usher The Gambia into a new era of democracy and good governance failed because UDP leader, Ousainou Darboe, encouraged Barrow to break a promise to serve for only three years, Canada-based NPP heavy weight Ahmad Gitteh has charged.

His words: “Gambians are loved by Allah that’s why he didn’t give them a leader like Lawyer Darboe. If he was not in prison it would have been impossible to have a coalition.The period he went to prison it was possible to have a coalition that removed Jammeh after he tried to do it solo for 22 years. There were coalitions talks before to remove Jammeh, but Lawyer Darboe always wanted to lead which led to their failure.

When he came out of prison after Adama Barrow became president, he was the one who said he should serve for five years. In fact, he threatened to sue anyone who tried to make Adama Barrow stick to the agreement. Three months after he came out of prison he started talking about Adama Barrow serving for only five years and giving up power to him. He wanted to be presidential candidate for 2021 which split UDP and some people like me left with Adama. Allah knows he is not good for the country because he is a dictator. He threatened to sack teachers if they didn’t accept postings to provinces and he also threatened the people of Bansang”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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