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Gambian Foreign ministry roasted for hypocrisy on Saudi atrocities in Yemen

The ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Gambia has come under fire for sycophantically and hypocritically taking sides in Saudi-Yemen Houthi war. Gambians online roasted the ministry after it put out a press release condemning the attack on an oil facilities in Saudi Arabia which has  affected Saudi and the world energy supply.

Gambia Foreign Minister Dr Momodou Tangara is accused of "Hypocrisy" in the Saudi-Yemen conflict

Responding to the press release on Facebook Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh, a UDP big wig and human rights activist said “You should be even handed by calling on the Saudi’s to end the bombing of civilian targets in Yemen. One can only guess that petrodollars are guiding your statements here.”

Fabakary Jammeh a Gambian lawyer was not so kind either, he added: “Stop this hypocrisy! Yemen has been bombed for over one year and when they defend themselves you come up with this hypocritical statement. Not in our name.”

Matthew K Jallow a US based Gambian social analyst wondered: “Where is the communique condemning Saudi Arabia's bombing of Yemen and turning the whole country into desolate moon crater? There is pervasive famine in Yemen the like of which mankind has not seen since the drought famines in Ethiopia in the 1970s. Condemn the murderous regime in Saudi Arabia. They are attacking Yemen because a significant number of its population are Africans or African ancestry dating back centuries.”

Madi Kanyi another commentator wondered “A quick press release to address issues affecting other countries, but when this Diplomatic Passport issue came to light and your ministry was in connection to the scandal you went missing. How ironic is this...?”


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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