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Gambia’s interior minister threatens violence against protesters

By Sainey Darboe:

The Interior Minister of The Gambia, Ebrima Mballow, has issued chilling threats of physical harm on anyone who takes to the streets in protest against the president serving more than three years.

Interior Minister of The Gambia Ebrima Mballow admonishes against protests to destabilize the country

Addressing a political rally in Brikama attended by the president and thousands of his supporters, the interior minister had words of admonition for ‘Three Years Jotna’ protesters, saying:

“I also heard them saying that we have imported riot vans and ammo tanks into this country. What we have acquired is water cannon tank. That water cannon tank shall be used against those bent on destabilizing the country; we will spray hot water on the troublemakers.

“It is not our wish to inflict harm on anyone, but they should know that they have a duty not to inflict harm on others. It is time to speak up; and speak up we will. They should not let others incite them to do anything that will land them in trouble with the law. There are people in the diaspora talking about ‘three years jotna’.But the mandate of the constitution is five years. We should stick to the five years mandated by law. We will not allow anyone to abuse the democracy that we have struggled for”.


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