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FTJ: ’Jammeh can be here next week’

APRC interim leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, has declared that nothing can stop the former Gambian leader from returning home while revealing it could be as early as ‘next week’.

FTJ claims former president Jammeh could return to The Gambia at any moment

He was quoted in an article published by The Standard newspaper. His words:

“Jammeh’s return will entirely depend on him to decide. He is a son of this country and there is no law, power or whatsoever that would deny him from returning. He is just waiting for the right time. Whether they will allow him to come or not, that’s not important to us. So people should not be worried about his return. He has a right to return to the country.

You know Jammeh left this country for a reason and his return will be determined by the conditions he is in now. I cannot specifically tell you when he is coming back but I can assure Gambians that Jammeh will come back. It should be clear that nobody has the powers to stop him from coming back. Jammeh can be here as early as next week.There are things I cannot say but when I know the time he is ready to come, I will inform the Gambian people. And let me say that it is a political rhetoric to say that the APRC executive is using Jammeh’s return to play tricks on the party’s support base. Those who are saying that are detractors”.


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