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Former UDP chairman: Adama Barrow sacrificed life for Gambia

Former UDP national chairman, Dembo Bojang, has disclosed that Barrow placed his safety and that of his family at risk by taking on Jammeh in the 2016 elections.

The veteran politician who has become a top hack for newly minted NPP party set up by president Barrow revealed the incumbent would have been killed and fed to the crocodiles with his family had he failed in his bid for State House.

Former UDP National Chairman, Dembo Byforce Bojang speaking at his home in Bakau

Speaking to NPP supporters at his home in Bakau, he enunciated:

“Adama didn’t betray anybody. Nobody in the UDP executive told him he should step down for anybody when they got out of prison. Adama put his life on the line. If he didn’t win he would have been fed to the crocodiles. He sacrificed his life. If he didn’t win he would have been fed to crocodiles with his family.

He was in Dakar when his son was killed by a dog. And now you want him to step down for you to be the incumbent.Who is gonna agree to that?I personally will never agree to that. Over my dead body. I used to bring Adama to my house and hide him for three days.If the soldiers had laid hands on him they would have killed him. It’s love that brought me together with Adama and that love will continue as long as I continue to breathe. And the people behind me in Bakau shall continue to support him”.


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