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Ex-Minister Sanneh: Barrow government not encouraging

By Sainey Darboe

Amadou Sanneh, a former minister of Trade who was part of the UDP trio sacked by president Barrow is reluctant to offer an absolving assessment of the new government.

Amadou Sanneh, a former minister of Trade under President Adama Barrow recently sacked along two other UDP members

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Fatu Network, Amadou Sanneh who is a Chartered Accountant by training posited it should be borne in mind that Barrow has only been in power for a little over two years, but he rapidly followed up with the cutting commentary that the score-card for the new government is “not encouraging”.

Civil service reform, system change and accountability with the goal of reconciliation for crimes committed under president Jammeh, he disclosed, have been one of the points of divergence between them and president Barrow.

Mr. Sanneh pointed out those matters were discussed with maturity on their part with the president in cabinet setting, but he said they had come to a point of awareness of the president’s reluctance to make a clean break with the past.

Sanneh added the president should not arrogate to himself the prerogative to fashion for victims the form of reconciliation they need to heal from abuses, while issuing condemnation of the latter’s hiring of former Jammeh enablers who might have tampered with evidence and those accused of complicity in corrupt practices.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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