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Environmental Tears: Economic growth vs Tree growth | Gunjur Online

Infrastructural development is key in boosting economic growth, enhancing industrialization, and promote modernity.

The current development in the greater Banjul area is impressive and we comment donors and The Gambia Government.

However, this is taking an increasing toll on the about to be extinct species including but not limited to khaya Senegalese’s, pterocarpus erinaceus, ficus vogeli, ficus gnaphalocarpa, exasperata , duspyrus mespiliformis (Kukuwoh ), and borassus aethiopum (Sibo)for both commercial and domestic uses. They could have carefully dig and pull up borassus Aethoipum and plant somewhere. They’re very good for carbon harvesting.

Domestically, many Gambian’s are building houses for shelter and shops for a living. This is inevitable as human beings. And as a result, man continue to exploit the silvan species for his own interest. Ignorantly to his detrimental without replacing it through restoration, reforestation, and afforestation.

The illegal lumbering of trees especially Ptericarpus erinaceous (African rosewood) from The Gambia is extremely a bottle neck. Most of this trees fine their ways in China and Europe through international trade: notwithstanding that their were a lot of conventions signed to protect such endangered species.

Today the agricultural sector has fallen and trapped many people in starvation as a result of poor performance of soil caused by man. Soil erosion coupled by perennial erratic rainfall has devastated the efforts of many agrarian families. This has cause damage to many rice production centers in Niamina (Dumasansang) and Pakaliba (Tonkono).

In the peri-urban Gambia, we are all a witness to flooding of houses year-in year-out.

In conclusion what is the plan of @national road authority in replacing the already fallen trees on the highway of Airport to Brusubi turn table.

Mandela Jr.

Environment & Social justice advocate.

University of The Gambia

Major in development studies &

Minor in environmental science


Social entrepreneur.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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